Everything Except Money -Questions I ask myself when I am interviewing

    During the Covid-19 first wave, I found my self without a job, and with only a few months of experience. I was very nervous that I would not found the next position or, worse, got to a position that would not fit my career path. Surprisingly I got a lot of chances and invitations to interviews, and in only three months, I interviewed in over 40 companies. In this article, I will pass on to you what I learned in this period time and how I chose my current job in the form of the questions that I ask my self during the interview process. It will not necessarily suit all of you, but I hope it will give a direction.

    Synchronous vs. Asynchronous vs. Parallel Programming

    It is common knowledge that programming is a very abstract profession. I found the easiest way for me to learn new topics is to create analogies for them in real life. As a beginner developer, I am in no hurry to say that I understand all the depths of the different programming styles. When I tried to understand the differences between synchronous programming, asynchronous programming, and parallel programming, I came to a comparison that later helped me explain the issue to friends who were in the same situation. Also, since my memory is visual and almost my entire form of learning is with the help of visual motifs, I thought it would be nice to make you a comic that explains the analogy. I hope you find it helpful 😁

    Exploring the Complexities of Width and Height in CSS

    Let’s explore the complexities of how CSS computes the width and height dimensions of elements. This is based on countless late-night hours debugging and fiddling with lots of combinations of CSS properties, reading though the specs, and trying to figure out why some things seem to behave one way or another. But before jumping in, let’s cover some basics so we’re all on the same page.